Liquid Steel - Midnight Chaser (Vinyl 140g)

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„Entertaining and engaging ‚Keep it True‘ classic heavy metal!“ (
As Vinyl is the medium that best represent the sound of METAL, the Band went back to Studio Hundert, to give the Midnight Chaser a dedicated Mix and Master for Vinyl. 
Do not miss out on this audiophile Edition!
"This is the way how people are supposed to listen to music! - Jay Hundert"
Limited Edition of 300 Vinyl. Hand signed and numbered by the Band. Including free LS-Patch for the first 19 units soled! 
  1. Kingdom Of Silence
  2. Midnight Chaser
  3. Air Aces
  4. Hiroshima
  5. Starrider
  6. Fright Night
  7. Nightchild
  8. Autumn Leaves
  9. Kubla Khan
Released on 25th of November 2016
Produced by Jay Hundert
„Beware öf the Midnight Chaser“ – LIQUID STEEL.
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