Christophon - Blue Red Blue (Single)


BlueRedBlue turned from a classic rock song demo tape into a 6 minutes collaboration of various artists during the recordings.

It not only features guest vocals from Avatrol lead singer Alex and producer Jay Hundert but also a poetry slam throughout the second half of the song from our friend “Lisa Loewe”.

The idea for the poetry slam came up during the jam sessions of the recording process. It made so much fun playing this same melody over and over again in different varieties, so that the song could have even last up to 20 minutes (!) - but I guess no one would have listen to it to the very end then :) Hearing her voice now with the very personal kept lyrics over this jam makes it just perfect.

Be aware that 2 more singles from the new Christophon EP (Christophon lll) will be released in Nov. and Dec. ’15, which will also feature guest solos from some badass guitar players!



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